About Us


Our Mission

We're children of the 80s and want you to join the family.

When a personal collection became too much, owner Chris Clark decided to part with some of his collected 80s artifacts. Before Amazon and eBay, he set up a primitive e-commerce website where when you wanted something, you emailed him. That was 1995. After a short respite, Anything80s is back online and ready to again offer a great selection of 1980s vinyl, videogames and toys! Our Goals:

  • Wide Selection of the artists and items in top demand
  • Top quality used products, described and rated accurately
  • Perfectly packaged products that arrive in great condition
  • Quick customer service responses

Our team

Your shopping and shipping experience managed personally.

Chris is your one-stop for everything at Anything80s. Email him at custserv@anything80s.com


good selection of 80's vinyl!

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